Stoned - and didn't like it.

Jan 22, 2010

By Gene Stevens

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Hi friend; what a time I had recently – with my first encounter with a kidney stone !  Last week, I woke up at 3:15 with one hell of  an ache on one side.  Eventually dragged myself to hospital, and sure enough, I had joined the millions before me, who’ve experience the pain, they say is closest to ‘giving birth’.  I guess I’ll never really know, but even the women nurses I met said the same thing.  Thanks to the good folks on the overnight and morning shifts at St.Jo’s on The Queensway – and to the folks who bring us morphine !  Yeah, I was stoned, alright.  Now, here’s the thing – they merely identified my kidney stone on a CATscan – didn’t remove it though.  For that, I’d have to wait – using regular doses of mighty powerful pain-killers to stay sane.  Five days of strangely alternating “hell” – from nasty pains to ‘no-pain zone-outs’… couldn’t drive, couldn’t work, didn’t feel like eating, or reading or even watching TV.  Eventually, patience was rewarded, with the tiniest of ‘gems’ – evacuated and recovered – now being analyzed. I’m quite sure it ain’t a diamond.

Whew – glad that’s over !  I suppose you are as well !

Juts one look at the news this past week, sure puts things into perspective though.  My little bitty kidney pebble, and I’d think most of your worries and mine, are pretty small compared to what’s happening to folks in Haiti.  Isn’t that horrific ?  But what a wonderful feeling it is to see Canadian soldiers and aid workers doing what we do so well – helping people.  Our prayers and best wishes – and bucks – are needed now.  We are posting elsewhere on this site, a wonderful video montage of images from Haiti set to an Andy Kim song called “Love Is”.  It’s only a small effort, amid so many mega-events including tonight’s TV super-concert – but it’s all these efforts, big and little, that the unfortunate souls in Haiti need.

Let me wrap-up with just a little plug (shameless) for my Sunday afternoon show – “Vintage Favourites” , from 2-4pm.  “I’ve Heard That Song Before” will spotlight several great and famous songs, alongside their earlier, and often, less-well-known versions.  Wouldn’t you like to hear Woody Guthrie’s take on “House of the Rising Sun”, or a 1928 blues version of “Stagger Lee”, or how about the FIRST version of “Rock Around the Clock”, before Bill Haley did it.  This is a good one if you’re a music fan; you’ll hear some songs that are VERY difficult to find.  So, join me this Sunday 2-4pm.   Oh one more thing:  Pavlo is good friend of mine and the station’s – this Greek guitar maestro is joined by Rik Emmett (formerly with Triumph) and Oscar Lopez on a new CD called “Trifecta”, and they’re setting out of a cross-Canada tour, with their first stop – in the AM 740 Concert Lobby Monday afternoon at 1:10pm. – catch their 20 minutes LIVE on air then. 

Have  a great week !

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