A sunny November Friday

Nov 13, 2009

By Gene Stevens

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Hi – where DOES the time fly – I haven’t blogged lately, but let me try and catch you up a bit.  It’s pretty crazy at the radio station, as we get ready for Christmas music and year-end features.  Can’t believe it’s mid-November alreday – but LOVE the weather, eh ? 

November is my least favourite month of the year – because of the weather – seems it’s always bitterly cold rain, verging on snow and sleet.  But I sure can’t complain about THIS November !

Since my last blog I’ve had a bout with “something” – clinic assured me it’s not a cold, not  a flu – perhaps an allergic cough. I had my car ‘detailed’ inside, and breathed in chemicals for a couple days … so maybe ?? 

Some exciting things coming up at station: this Sunday afternoon (15th) a couple hours of the biggest/best dance hits of The Vintage Era – from the Cakewalk and Charleston to the Stroll, The Twist and The Pony…that’s Sunday 2-4pm. 

Now get this:  NEXT Sunday (22nd) Bobby Curtola will co-host the show with me !  For Curtola fans, this will be a treat – spread the word and tune in Sunday Nov.22nd, 2-4 for Bobby on “Vintage Favourites”. 

I’ll be away for  about a week and a half in early December – but I’m planning some more great features to run while I’m away, on “Vintage Faves” – 2-hour Beatles’ Special with host Randy Bachman (replayed) on Sun.Nov.29th, then a strange feature on “December’s Dead” for Dec.6th – remembering a dozen greats who all died in December from John Lennon and Roy Orbison to Rick Nelson and Sam Cooke. 

So Santa’s parade runs this Sunday in Toronto (15th) – does this feel earlier than ever to you ?  Does to me – crazy !  We used to start our Christmas music the same day Santa arrives in the Toronto Parade – but I think this is just too darn early.  So, we’ll start our Christmas music on Nov.28th … just in case you were wondering.  And I know many folks DO wonder and call to ask – Christmas music is important, and we’re all about playing lots of it – when the time FEELS right.  After all, we’ve been called “Canada’s Christmas Station” over the years, and we’ll play lots of it again this year.  Look for solid Christmas music for the week of Dec.19-25th.

Seen any good movies lately ?  I caught “A Simple Man” last night – Coen Brothers’ latest – I’m not  a huge fan of the Coens’ films – but this was enjoyable and very funny at times – and poignant too.  Also saw “An Education” (again) now in wider release – great film – urge you to watch it before it leaves for DVD-land.  I saw a trailer for the new movie: “Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus” – the late Heath Ledger’s final movie, plus Jude Law, Christopher Plummer, etc. – WOW – eye-popping effects.

Have yourself a fine weekend – catch you with another blog soon enough.

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