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    On Thursday October 17th GFB: Dr. Ted Morris

    12:15 pm ET | Dr. Ted Morris GUEST – Dr. Ted Morris, GFB VET TOPIC – Winterizing your pets.
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    On Tuesday October 1, 2013 GFB: Detective Sergeant Cameron Field

    11:15 am ET | Detective Sergeant,Cameron Field GUEST – Cameron Field, Detective Sergeant (997), Toronto Police Service, Financial Crimes...
  • goldhawk13

    GFB Podcast: Bill Lishman August 14th, 2013

    Bill Lishman, environmentalist and opponent of the Pickering Airport, talks about his flight to the mega quarry lands Sunday,...
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    On Thursday, July 18th GFB: Carl Cosack and Billy Cheung

    11:45 am ET | Carl Cosack 12:15 pm ET | Billy Cheung GUEST – Carl Cosack TOPIC – Highland...
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    On Wednesday, July 17th GFB: Rosa Dragonetti and Luka Senk

    11:15 am ET | Rosa Dragonetti 12:15 pm ET | Luka Senk GUEST- Rosa Dragonetti, manager of camh nicotine...
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    On Tuesday, July 16th GFB: Mary Proc and Dr. Zachary Levine

    11:15 am ET | Mary Proc 12:15 pm ET | Dr. Zachary Levine GUEST – Mary Proc, VP of...
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    GFB Podcast: Mary Delaney July 3rd

    Mary Delaney, from the group Land over Landings, explains her opposition to an airport on federal land in Pickering....