• Dr. Zach

    On Friday's GFB: Dr. Zach, the GFB house doctor, will discuss a study linking nutrients with brain protection. 12:15pm...
  • Dr. Zach

    Dr. Zach answers questions on eye ailments and offers his assessment of home devices for testing cholesterol levels.
  • Dr. Zachary Levine

    Goldhawk Fights Back: Dr. Zachary Levine is an ER doctor at Montreal General Hospital and a regular contributor on...
  • Dr. Zach

    On Thursday's GFB: The GFB House Doctor Dr. Zach will discuss his appearance at the ZoomerLife Conference.
  • Joint Problems

    From Goldhawk Fights Back – Dr. Zach, the GFB House Doctor, talks about joint problems. How to decrease the...
  • Skin Health

    From Goldhawk Fights Back, Dr. Zach - our GFB house doctor, answers Zoomers questions on skin health
  • Eye Illness

    From Goldhawk Fights Back, Dr. Zach Levine, The GFB house doctor discusses eye health and answers questions about eye...