This Week on Theatre of the Mind – December 3rd

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This week we start the Christmas edition of Theatre of the Mind. Our christmas programming will feature a variety of shows to get you in the festive mood.

Monday December 3rd, 2012 – 10pm ET
Christmas Story – Gunsmoke (1952)
Reindeer On Strike - Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy (1950)

Tuesday December 4th, 2012 – 10pm ET
The Night Before Christmas - Sherlock Holmes
Christmas Decorations – Fibber Mcgee & Molly (1949)

Wednesday December 5th, 2012 – 10pm ET
Christmas For Sandy – The Lone Ranger (1948)
Christmas Club – The Life Of Riley

Thursday December 6th, 2012 – 10pm ET
Miracle On 34Th Street – Lux Radio Theatre (1947)
(One Hour Program)

Image |  The Texas Collection, Baylor University

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