Suzanne Boyd & Corey Ruf – September 22 2019

Following those explosive pictures of Justin Trudeau in blackface, we look at the history behind this harmful practice. Photos and videos of Justin Trudeau in blackface and brownface rocked the campaign and they have made headlines around the world. We have all heard extensive discussions about what the impact will be but there is a long and hurtful history to the practice of donning black and brown makeup to pose as characters of colour and Libby sat down with Zoomer Magazine Editor in Chief, Suzanne Boyd, to talk about it.


Two Montrealers with degenerative diseases will now have access to Medical Assistance in Dying following a Quebec Superior Court decision that declared declared parts of both the federal and provincial laws unconstitutional. Nicole Gladu suffers from post-polio syndrome and Jean Truchon has cerebral palsy. They went to court after their applications for MAID were denied because their deaths were not imminent or forseeable – to use the language of the law. Libby talked to Corey Ruf, from the organization Dying with Dignity, about what this means for all Canadians.

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