Steve Ranson on Housing Affordability & Robbie Laine on Woodstock – August 11 2019

Parents are not only helping their kids buy their first home, more than one in three say they’re also chipping in for rent. That’s according to a recent poll that followed another study on housing affordability, which found nearly half of parents plan on helping their children buy a place while one in four already had.

None of this shocks Steve Ranson, President and CEO of Home Equity Bank and the CHIP Reverse mortgage.


Unlike musical festivals now, that can have the eyes and ears of the world on them, only those who were actually at Woodstock could experience it while the rest of us played catch up courtesy of newscasts that reported on the music, masses, and mud.

Helping us mark the musical milestone is Zoomer Radio’s own musician and host, Robbie Laine.

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