Mishel Zrian, Volunteer Courier & Dr. Josef Penninger, COVID-19 Treatment – June 7 2020

While most of us have been sheltering at home, Israeli Mishel Zrian has been travelling on airplanes non-stop for more than 80 days, delivering lifesaving bone marrow to patients around the world. In order to avoid quarantines for travellers, he sleeps on planes or airport hotel rooms. Libby Znaimer caught up with the volunteer courier after he made a delivery in the Netherlands.


Will there be a treatment for COVID-19 before a vaccine to prevent it? That’s a big question for the medical community, as scientists pursue both avenues. Dr. Josef Penninger, head of the University of British Columbia’s Life Sciences institute and an ideaCity alum, is developing a medicine to treat the disease, with a drug first made here in Canada. Libby reached him in Europe, where clinical trials are underway.

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