Jane Philpott on The COVID-19 Frontline & Samuel Michaels on Cancelled Weddings – June 14 2020

She walked away from the pinnacle of Canadian politics over a matter of principle. Former health minister Jane Philpott held a variety of cabinet posts until she was ejected from the Liberal caucus because of her objection to the handling of the SNC Lavalin affair. When the pandemic hit, she went to the front lines as a physician and now the Ontario’s Progressive conservative government is tapping her to organize the province’s diffuse and dysfunctional medical data system.


COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on wedding plans that have been in the making, in some instances, for years. And because planning a wedding, and paying for it, is a multigenerational family affair, parents and grandparents are losing money as well as missing out on a family milestone, while couples are scrambling to recover deposits and reschedule their big day. Samuel Michaels is a lawyer who is also planning to get married in October.

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