Ellen Roseman on Aeroplan & Theresa Firestone on Shoppers Drug Mart Clinics – August 16 2020

For years, it was a source of irritation for millions of loyal Air Canada customers collecting Aeroplan points. Now, the airline is revamping its loyalty program to make it easier to book seats. It’s part of an effort to boost membership while the global travel industry is devastated by COVID-19. Libby speaks with consumer advocate and journalist, Ellen Roseman.


There’s a new medical clinic in the Lawrence and Dufferin area of Toronto, but it’s not being run by the doctors who work there. It’s a pilot clinic opened by Shoppers Drug Mart – one of three test clinics planned for the GTA this year. The company says their model will make it easier and more convenient for patients to get primary care. Libby reached Theresa Firestone, Senior Vice President of Health and Wellness at Shoppers Drug Mart, which is owned by Loblaw Companies.