Dr. Murali Rao on Mental Health & Dr. Joshua Tepper on Ending Hallway Healthcare – July 19 2020

There’s more to being healthy than staying physically fit. Mental health is just as important, but a lot of the time gets buried beneath the stigma that surrounds it. Unfortunately those long held, negative beliefs have led to nearly two-thirds of the world’s population refusing to seek help.
Dr. Murali Rao is a geriatric expert and psychiatrist from Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago. He’s also written “50+ (Plus) And Healthy: What You Need To Know About Mental Health and Healthy Aging — for You and Your Loved Ones”.


The Ford government is launching a pilot project with North York General Hospital to give vulnerable or alternate level-of-care patients priority access to a long-term care bed to help reduce waitlists and hopefully end hallway healthcare.

ALC patients are those who no longer need to be in hospital but remain … because their status prevents them from going home and there’s no space in long-term care.

Dr. Joshua Tepper is President and CEO of North York General.

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