Dorris Grinspun: Fixing Long-Term Care & Terry Mosher: Remembering Duncan MacPherson – August 2nd 2020

This week, Ontario released details of the the independent commission to look into the devastating impact on COVID-19 on our LTC sector, which saw 80% of the deaths from the coronavirus. It will be led by Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco who was lead counsel for the province in the Walkerton inquiry and lead prosecutor in the Bre-X securities prosecution. At the same time the province has responded to the Gillese Commission on the Wetlaufer murders, released a year ago – recommending a minimum four hours of care a day per resident. It brings us to the question: what more do we have to learn before we can fix LTC? Libby Znaimer got a contrary view from Doris Grinspun, CEO of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.


The cover is adorned with the iconic cartoon of Former Prime minister John Diefenbaker as Marie Antoinette. It’s probably the best known work by Duncan MacPherson, a monumental figure in Canadian cartooning. There’s a new book on his life and work by another maestro of cartoon satire: Terry Mosher who draws under the name Aislin. Libby reached him in Montreal.

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