Bonnie Marcus & Dave Scholz, June 30 2019

Companies don’t give ageism the same attention as other forms of bias according to Forbes Insight survey. And the numbers suggest that age discimination is alive and well in the U-S with 2 out of 3 employees over 45 have witnessed age discrimination. Author and executive coach Bonnie Marcus is currently writing a book about women over 50 in the workplace. Christine Ross reached her by phone.


Zoomers are the happiest according to a new national poll. The Happiness Index by market research firm Leger, asked Canadians across the country to rate their level of happiness on a scale of one to 10 and note which factors they believe influence their happiness the most. Those over 55 who earn a higher income are happiest but also indicates that money is not a factor to their happy state. Christine Ross reached Leger Executive Vice President Dave Scholz.

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