Anne-Marie Zanzal on Coming Out As A Zoomer & Dr. P.J. Devereaux on Silent Strokes – August 25 2019

Coming out as gay when you’re a Zoomer – the mayor of Ottawa did that just last weekend – at the age of 58. There’s no question The LGBTQ community is more accepted now than when he was a young man. But there are still many reasons people delay acknowledging their sexuality – spouses, children, or religion to name a few. The Reverend Anne-Marie Zanzal ( came out as a lesbian when her marriage ended and she now counsels others going through the process. Libby Znaimer reached her in Nashville, Tennesee.


We are all familiar with the campaigns urging Zoomers to be aware of the signs of stroke and what to do if we experience them. But what if there are no symptoms? It turns out these so-called silent strokes are quite common. They are most likely to happen after surgery, and they can lead to major strokes within a year. Dr. P.J. Devereaux of McMaster University led the study that laid out the risks.

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