This Week on Vintage Favourites – November 26th

Hi, I’m Gene Stevens, and here’s what’s coming up on the next ‘Vintage Favourites’ this Sunday afternoon.
What was the best year in rock’n’roll history ?  Can we even pick such a year ?  Well, I’ll give it a shot…
…A year in which all the founding fathers scored hit records, and the next generation of teen idols began to emerge … soul music was born, doo-wop and rockabilly blossomed, and ‘The King’ ruled, as rock’n’roll proved it was much more than a ‘passing fad’.
We’ll go back 60 years, to answer whether ‘1957′ was rock’n’roll’s ‘best year’.  That’s this Sunday at 2, on ‘Vintage Favourites’ from Zoomer Radio.