This Week on Vintage Favourites – March 18th

Hi, I’m Gene Stevens – here’s what’s coming up on the next ‘Vintage Favourites’.

It’s one of the most beloved kinds of oldies – ‘Doo Wop’. That sound of vocal group harmonies first created by The Mills Brothers and Ink Spots and later, so memorably, by The Drifters, Platters, Belmonts, Five Satins and a flock of ‘bird groups’ like The Ravens, Crows, Flamingos and Penguins.

…Classic American and Canadian doo wop … the sound of street corner acapella and bursting teenage hearts…

…Plus birthday spotlights on Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ray Hutchinson of The Beau-marks…All on the next ‘Vintage Favourites’ this Sunday at 2pm from Zoomer Radio.