Libby Znaimer is joined by Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, a family physician and Pharmacist, John Papstergiou.

Ontario’s flu campaign was officially kicked off by Ontario’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, before 10 am today at the pharmacy at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.

The campaign will see free flu shots being offered at pharmacies and doctors offices across the province.

This year, there has been a delay in the distribution of the flu vaccine supply. As a result, some Ontario residents may have to wait longer to get their shots.

The apparent reason for the delay, according to a Health Ministry spokesperson, is that the World Health Organization has been taking longer to identify the common flu strains going around this year.

Libby and guests discuss all that you need to know about the flu, taking the vaccines for it during the Ontario flu campaign and the delay and shortages in the supply.

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