This Week on the Chris Robinson Travel Show – January 6th & 7th

Shenandoah National Park is a scenic jewel rising high atop Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains. What makes Shenandoah so special? First the sheer beauty of the panoramic views from overlooks scattered along the lofty Skyline Drive. This stunning route runs the length of the 800-square-kilometre National Park. And then, beyond Skyline Drive, lies another Shenandoah where bears roam the hollows and brook trout ply the tumbling streams. Trailside flowers colour the woods. Quartz, granite, and greenstone outcrops stick out above the diverse forest, allowing far-flung views of the Blue Ridge and surrounding Shenandoah Valley. It is this beauty, near and far, that create the unforgettable Shenandoah experience. Click here to read more.

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