Ontario has introduced broad consumer protection legislation – covering home warranties, ticket sales, real estate practices, and travel services.

Provisions in the bill include the banning of automated ticket purchasing software, or so-called scalper bots – and the bill bans tickets from being resold at more than 50 per cent of the face value.
Ticket sellers would also have to disclose how many tickets will be for sale – as well as the venue capacity – and an itemized list of all fees, taxes and service charges.

Home warranties are also covered. The bill establishes one administrative authority to deliver the warranty program for new homes – and a separate one to regulate new home builders.

It also clarifies the dispute resolution process – to make it easier and fairer for new home owners.

As for real estate, the government can create regulations specifying circumstances in which real estate agents and brokerages are prohibited from representing both buyer and seller in a transaction.

Real estate sellers, brokers and brokerages would also be subject to stiffer fines if they violate a code of ethics – up from $25,000 to $50,000 and $100,000 for brokerages.

And the travel industry is also covered.

A travel salesperson could be required to take educational courses if a complaint is made against them – and travel salespeople would no longer have to register as both a travel agent and a wholesaler.

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