What is it with the White House on Fridays?
Chief strategist Steve Bannon is the third person close to the president, who’s been fired or decided it was time to go.
(Reuters / Kevin Lamarque)
Press Secretary Sean Spicer Friday July 21
 Chief of Staff Reince Preibus July 28
Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was gone Monday July 31
The 63-year-old Bannon, a key adviser to Trump’s presidential election campaign, was a forceful yet contentious presence in a divided White House.
When John Kelly took over as chief of staff, he was said to be undertaking a review of administration personnel, leaving Bannon’s future in doubt.
The president refused to give a vote of confidence during a news conference three days ago.
“He’s a good person.  He (Bannon) actually gets very unfair press in that regard,” said the president.
“But we’ll see what happens with Mr. Bannon.”