High-speed vehicle chases could soon be a thing of the past – for Ontario’s provincial police.

The OPP have launched a pilot project that will test the use of laser-aimed darts – featuring GPS technology – to help track fleeing cars.
When a motorist fails to stop or accelerates away after being stopped –  a projectile can be fired at the vehicle – where it sticks by a magnet and adhesive.

The device emits a GPS signal that can be tracked by the police communication centre.

OPP Constable Kerry Schmidt says three of their marked front-line patrol vehicles have been equipped with the global positioning projectile-launching system  -which will allow officers to be constantly updated on the whereabouts of the suspect vehicle.

He says the system has been rolled out for the Victoria Day long weekend –  traditionally one of the busiest on Ontario’s roads.

Schmidt says drivers generally slow down if they believe police aren’t chasing them – and it’s hoped the Satellite Technology Apprehension Response system or STAR will save lives -O.P.PO-P by reducing the need for high-speed pursuits.

Michael Kramer

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