The Liberals are accessing a long-time public servant to be the new ethics overseer for the House of Commons.

Mario Dion is being nominated – as the next ethics and conflict of interest commissioner.

Dion is the chairman of the Immigration and Refugee Board right now – and has previously served as chairman of the National Parole Board and the public sector integrity commissioner.

He is also a former legal adviser to a number of government bodies.

Today’s announcement comes after a heated question period during which the Conservatives deluged the government with questions about who would take over from outgoing commissioner Mary Dawson – who’s looking into a conflict-of-interest controversy involving Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau and some of his top aides sat out the selection process – because Dawson is investigating whether the prime minister broke ethics rules – during a vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island last Christmas.

Michael Kramer

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