Doctors are pushing back on a revised door-to-door delivery plan by Canada Post saying they are already buried in paper work.  The proposal would require a doctor’s note for individuals to keep home mail delivery.  But the president of the Canadian Medical Association says in a statement, “this demonstrates a complete lack of awareness of the challenges faceing health care professionals and patients seeking access to care.”

The premise is also being criticized by Susan Eng of CARP – A New Vision of Aging in Canada.  She calls it “idiotic” and questions “why do I have to review my medical condition in order to retain mail delivery?  What are they going to do?  Single me out by coming to my door?”

As door-to-door mail delivery is phased out over the next five years in favour of community mailboxes, Canada Post spokesperson Jon Hamilton says a doctors note is just one of many options that could be available.  “A lot of people can get to the (community) box, they just can’t get their mail out so we can provide extra keys or a key aid or a tray.  For other people, it’s getting to the box, and for their own situation, it might make more sense to have their mail redirected to a post office near where they have to go for pharmacies or anything like that, or to a loved one for can gather their mail and bring it whenever they come to visit.”

Hamilton says Canada Post is prepared to offer accommodation or assistance to ensure everyone has access to their mail.  The switch-over begins this fall with 100,000 addresses, including parts of Oakville.


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