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One of AM 740s most unique voices and recognizable faces, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Gallagher is a 25 year on-air veteran of both Toronto television and radio. In addition to being one of THE HAPPY GANG, John has decades of morning show experience with the biggest and most successful teams in Canada. He worked for 15 years under Moses Znaimer’s helm at City TV. He is a winner of the Foster Hewitt Award, a nine-time Toronto Sun Readers Choice winner, RPM Magazine Gold Medal Winner, and host of the country’s 1 talk show, GALLAGHER on TSN.

A self-described news and pop culture junkie, foodie, world traveler and closet wine expert hooked on the Food Network, John is also a music collector whose library comprises over 4,000 CDs and LPs from Bach to Bacharach. Accordingly, JG is NOW on Classical 96.3 hosting Clasical Chartz on Sat. afternoons at 3:00. Please, do ask him about Bach.

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