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GFB Podcast: John Papastergiou – July 2nd

John Papastergiou of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, a Goldhawk Approved Contributor, spoke with Guest Host Libby Znaimer about the proper medications for summer travel. To download this podcast, click http://zml-s3.zoomerradio.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/goldhawk/2015-07-02-Goldhawk-Podcast2.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download

GFB Podcast: Brian Emmett & Stephen Faul – July 2nd

Brian Emmett, Chief Economist, and Stephen Faul, VP of Strategic Communications & Business Development at Imagine Canada spoke with Guest Host Libby Znaimer about Canadian charities as purpose driven economic forces for the economy. To download this podcast, click http://zml-s3.zoomerradio.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/goldhawk/2015-07-02-Goldhawk-Podcast1.mp3 Podcast: … read more

GFB Podcast: Dr. Ritesh Patel – July 1st

Libby Znaimer talks to Optometrist Dr. Ritesh Patel, a member of the board for the Ontario Association of Optometrists, a Goldhawk-Approved Contributor, about summer allergies and eye relief during allergy season. To download this podcast, click

GFB Podcast: Anthony Wilson-Smith – July 1st

Libby Znaimer talks to Anthony Wilson-Smith President and CEO of Historica Canada about Canadians and their knowledge of Canadian history. To download this podcast, click http://zml-s3.zoomerradio.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/goldhawk/2015-07-01-Goldhawk-Podcast1.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download

GFB Podcast: Doug Jones – June 30th

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the importance of families coming together and speaking openly about their finances.  In this conversation with Doug Jones, Senior Vice President BDO Canada Ltd, guest host Jane Brown talks about the “Family AGM” … read more

GFB Podcast: Dr. Zach – June 30th

Depression affects zoomers more than any other age group.  Depression is a serious illness, associated with decreased quality of life.  But we are getting better at diagnosing and treating.  Our house doctor, Doctor Zachary Levine joined guest host Jane Brown … read more


The sale of Cirque du Soleil to a group headed by an American private equity firm and its Chinese partners- has been approved by Ottawa. The deal is worth about one-and-a-half billion dollars. Industry Minister James Moore says the request … read more


Cyclists accidents are becoming all too common in the city in the last few years, with another fatality just last night. It was a tragic ending for a two cyclists in Vaughn after one cyclist was killed and another left in … read more

GFB Podcast: Mark Goliger & Kathy Burt – June 29th

Kathy Burt a registered nurse and an incontinence expert from Tena, and Mark Goliger, Chief Operating Officer for Right at Home Canada,  talk about incontinence, the reasons for it and the products and services available to help in an embarrassing … read more

GFB Podcast: Billy Cheung – June 25th

Pharmacist Billy Cheung, a past Chairman of the Ontario Association of Pharmacists, talks about the importance of health literacy and answers questions about cholesterol medications. To download this podcast, click http://zml-s3.zoomerradio.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/goldhawk/2015-06-25-Goldhawk-Podcast2.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download