• How to Keep Shrubs Flowing

    Older shrubs need pruning, but when? Listen live every Saturday at 9am on Zoomer Radio. Download This Episode
  • Wingnuts to Paw Paws

    From ‘wingnuts to paw paws’ Charlie and Frank talk trees with a number of callers! Listen live every Saturday...
  • Transplanting Asparagus

    Charlie gets stumped on when to best transplant Asparagus. Listen in for the answer! Download This Episode
  • Plant Trees!

    Plant trees! But placement matters – beware of septic weeping tile, hydro lines and building foundations! Download This Episode
  • Get Ready For Spring?

    Now is the time to dig and divide all your spring blooming perennials. Download This Episode
  • Back To School

    Charlie is back teaching and shares her experiences. Download This Episode
  • A Shrubbery!

    This week it’s all about the “shrubbery”. Monty Python would be proud! Download This Episode