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GFB Podcast: Lorne Fine – July 31st

Lorne Fine, our GFB family lawyer, describes restraining orders and exclusive possession orders. How they work and what happens if they are broken. Visit www.torontodivorcelaw.com for more info! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

GFB Podcast: Dr. Zach – July 30th

Our house doctor, Zachary Levine gives us the good news and the bad news about sugar, fat and salt. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

GFB Podcast: Rob Stewart – July 30th

Rob Stewart,  award-winning biologist, photographer, conservationist and filmmaker who wrote, directed and starred in Sharkwater and appeared  at IdeaCity this year to talk about his experiences, offers a progress report on his battle to save the world’s sharks. Here is … read more

GFB Podcast: Bill Hill – July 29th

Bill Hill, a National Retirement Planning Consultant for RBC, comments on a recent poll showing a majority of couples are not talking about retirement planning and besides that, don’t in some cases, have the same ideas about what to do … read more

GFB Podcast: John Sewell – July 28th

John Sewell, a former Mayor of Toronto and a member of the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, comments on the lethal use of force by Toronto Police, as described in a report by John Iacobucci, a retired Justice in the Supreme … read more

GFB Podcast: Billy Cheung – July 28th

Billy Cheung our GFB Pharmacist and Past Chair of Ontario Pharmacists’ Association Board of Directors, talks about new legislation that will enable the Ontario College of Pharmacists, for the first time, to regulate pharmacies in Ontario Hospitals. Podcast: Play in … read more

GFB Podcast: Laurie Campbell – July 24th

Laurie Campbell, CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions and our GFB debt expert, delivers her top ten tips for couples trying to talk about money issues in their partnership. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

GFB Podcast: Dr. Mary Vearncombe – July 23rd

Dr. Mary Vearncombe, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control, and Associate    Microbiologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, explains the hospital’s plan to require workers to either get a flu shot or wear a mask in flu season. Podcast: … read more

GFB Podcast: Dr. Ted Morris – July 23rd

Dr. Ted Morris, our resident veterinarian, talks about treating heat stroke in dogs and hears the strange tale of a Shih Tzu who loves to go outside during thunderstorms. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

GFB Podcast: McLean Greaves – July 22nd

McLean Greaves, VP of Digital Media and the E-books Division at ZoomerMedia, answers questions about web browsers, malware and how to protect your privacy as much as possible while online. Podcast: Play in new window | Download