Top Ten Songs of Frank Sinatra

Today we celebrate Frank Sinatra’s birthday in style with his Top Ten Hits!

10. Young Ay Heart
#2 in 1954.

9.   All The Way    
The Oscar winning song from Joker is Wild, it was #2 in 1957 .

8.   Strangers In The Night     
Off of the Grammy winng Record of year, it was#1 for one week in 1966.

7.   All or Nothin At All         
His first recording in 1939 (with Harry James), it hit #1 for two weeks on re-release in 1943.

6.   Learnin’ the Blues               \
#1 for two weeks in 1955.

5.   Five Minutes More  
#1 for four weeks in 1946.

4.   Something Stupid – with daughter Nancy
#1 for four weeks in 1967.

3.   There are Such Things – with Tommy Dorsey
#1 for six weeks in 1942.

2.  Oh What It Seemed To Be
#1 for eight weeks in 1946.

1.  I’ll Never Smile Again – with Tommy Dorsey & The Pied Pipers
#1 for twelve weeks in 1940.

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