Wayne’s World

Well, as you saw on a recent ZOOMER magazine cover – He’s ONE ! Wayne Gretzky is 50 years old. Happy birthday pal. You and I go a way back to days I hosted the annual Wayne Gretzky softball tournement in the late 80′s. It was terrific sitting at the same table as Mike Myers, Terri Garr, Bubba Smith and our girlfreind/wives. Now THAT’S eclectic bunch, huh ? Oh my ! We would become good freinds over the years, even spending time with him and Janet in LA.
My fave Wayne story happened in his last year, and his final game at Maple Leaf Gardens. I was on a 1st date with a young lady, strolling pre-game around the Leaf-Ranger benches, and I get a shout out , “Hey Johnny”. It was Wayne, who took off his glove gave me a little hug and asked who the new ‘chick’ was. We chatted before he resumed his pre-game warm-up in that GORGEOUS red, white and blue Ranger unie. Remember, this was a 1st date ! Let’s say the rest of the night went, ah, well. Lol !
How cool was that. Happy 50th my brutha’.

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