The Canadiens improbable run

Well, my fellow Habs fans – Hey I’m allowed – Station owner Moses Znaimer is from Monreal too ! I was thinking a lot today about what the Habs have given us, their fans, this season. I know it’s something significant and something (hopefully) long-lasting, but also something hard to define. It’s not the redemption of an up-and-down season by a great playoff run, although that’s definitely something for which to be grateful. The best way I can put it is to say they’ve given us back a culture of respectability. It’s not the culture of winning in which the team was once steeped, but it’s something as important in its own way.
In the last five years, the Habs have been a playoff team in all but one. The conference title two years ago surprised everyone and made people start to think maybe they should take the Habs seriously again.
I’m sad the run is over. I really hoped they’d be able to pull it off and meet the Hawks in the finals. But under the sadness is a sense of deep satisfaction that the move toward respectability started by Bob Gainey has been greatly advanced by this playoff run. Respectability may be regarded as a small thing, but I believe it’s an essential state to achieve before a team becomes a winner. If a team is respectable, free agent players want to be part of it. If it’s respectable, its members can be proud of their effort even in defeat. Fans can smile and say, yes, that’s my team. It’s in the playoffs every year and the men wearing its sweater leave everything on the ice when it really matters.

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