‘The Last Post’

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Hi friends – my sincere apology for not updating you with a fresh posting for so long.  To say it’s been a busy time in my life would be an understatement.  I’ll tell you all about it now.

I’ve decided to make a few changes in my life – pretty big changes – but all for the better !  It’s been exactly one year since I sold my car, and started living more “green”, more healthy, and a lot less expensive.  Except for the occasional grocery shopping in the rain or snow, I haven’t missed my car at all – and certainly haven’t missed spending close to $1000. a month, including “everything” like insurance, gas, and maintenance too.  I just get a ZipCar or rent a car when I need one now.

Anyway – that’s just the start; a year ago I also joined a gym, and started working out; managed to lose 17 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle in a year !  My daughters moved out, and I realized I really don’t need, or want, a big ol’ empty house, and the mortgage, and the line of credit…and… well, you know what I mean.  So, I sold the house, and have moved into a rented apartment.  “Downsizing”, they call it – or perhaps “right-sizing” ?

At the same time, I was realizing radio management just isn’t as much fun as it used to be – for me.  Now friends, please understand – I’ve been AM 740’s original and only program director for over 10 years, and this is my 40th year in the radio business. I’m very proud of what I, and the teams of wonderful people I’ve worked with, here and at my previous radio stations, have achieved. This isn’t the time or place for me to wax poetic about all that – but I DO want to acknowledge the great and talented people during the past decade that have helped make AM 740 the very special station it has been.

So, as you’ve gathered by now – I’m hangin’ up the radio program director management duties. My final day as manager is May 31st – after which my tasks will be taken over by John van Driel who is the program director for our sister station Classical 96.3 FM.  John’s a great PD, who’s successfully steered Classical 96.3 for many years, and is a great guy too – he helped me so much these past 3 years, during the ownership of Moses Znaimer and Zoomer Media.

I very much appreciate that Moses and our President/CEO George Grant have invited me to stay ‘on the team’ and continue hosting the two radio shows that I now do – ‘Vintage Favourites’ Sundays 2-4pm., and my co-hosting of ‘Mike Filey’s Toronto’ Sundays 12-1pm.  Creating interesting and exciting radio shows is what I truly love about the business; it’s why I originally got into radio back in 1972.  Heck, it’s why I first started playing records at dances and parties in the 60s – to entertain people.

So perhaps you could pass along the news to other AM 740 listeners – that I’ll no longer handle the station’s on-air sound, music direction, and on-air show hosts – that ‘torch is being passed’ to John van Driel.  However, I’ll stay on the team, and carry on hosting some good shows.  Please stay tuned in to my shows, and of course, to this unique radio station, unlike anything else anywhere – combining great adult standards, wonderful rock’n’roll oldies and timeless classics in their original form and in exciting new versions – Zoomer Radio, AM 740.  Cheers.  Gene.