A Tale of Two Geniuses: Ray Charles & Leonard Cohen

Words like ‘legend’, ‘icon’ and ‘genius’ can easily be over-used, and thus reduce their effect and weaken their meaning. But when they’re appropriate and deserved, we should have no hesitation to say so. And that’s the case with both our featured artists in the next edition of ‘Vintage Favourites‘. Neither are with us anymore, but their music lives on forever. Ray Charles’ nickname was ‘The Genius’ – well-deserved for having virtually invented ‘soul music’ by blending gospel with the blues. A few years later, he experimented with another unexpected combination of soul with country music – another success.

Montreal’s Leonard Cohen was much more than a gifted poet who had a way with words and music – Bob Dylan once called him ‘the number one songwriter’ of our times. We’ll dive deep into the unforgettable music of both these geniuses as we note the anniversaries of their birth: Ray Charles would be turning 90 this week, and Leonard Cohen 86.

And as always, we’ll start the program with ‘This Week in Zoomer Music’ between 1-2pm. with key stories including Hank Williams’ birth, the 65th anniversary of the recording of ‘Tutti Frutti’, the first rap hit, the ‘Paul is Dead’ hoax, and the very real deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan of T.Rex, Gram Parsons, and Jim Croce.

Sounds like a great show – I hope you’ll join me … this Sunday from 1:00 to 4:30.