The Best Year for Rock’n’Roll? I say 1957.

What was the best year for rock’n’roll?  For those who remember, the early days when rock’n’roll was new and dangerous – let’s debate!

In its purest form “rock’n’roll” was a blend of rhythm & blues with country & western, with attitude, delivered with youthful energy and style.

When did rock’n’roll’ start? There’s no perfect answer, but I agree with those who say “That’s All Right” by Elvis Presley in 1954 is “the big bang of rock’n’roll”.

On Vintage Favourites this Sunday at 2PM, hear my case for 1957: The Best Year for Rock’n’Roll.

As for later years – sure there were many good, even great ones.  But soon after 1957, rock’n’roll changed – due to combinations of tragedy, circumstance, corporate involvement and, by the mid-60s, the hardening’of rock’n’roll into just “Rock”, and the further splintering of “Rock” into countless sub-genres.

1957 – 60 years ago – looks like the “golden year” of rock’n’roll.  Tune in Sunday afternoon for the music – and decide for yourself.