It’s that time of year again!!

Well, like it or not the Holiday Season is here!  I love the time off with my family…I love visiting friends…I love the warm feelings and memories Christmas brings to me and wow…talk about some great eating…( my mother loves to feed us over the holidays)….HOWEVER..the stress, hustle bustle all the rushing around prior to Christmas – who needs it!!  I guess it’s all part and parcel…you can’t have one without the other.

I must say this is a wonderful time to reflect on all of your blessing and truly thank God….regardless of your religion, I’m sure we can all take a moment to see all our many blessings ( we have more than we think, sometimes we just can’t see them)…and say Thank-you…and more importantly, try and give back some how.  I know this year, we’re teaching our son the great importance of “giving back”…

Stay well my friends…we’ll chat soon


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